What is a SpiderTanks?

What is SpiderTanks? We have compiled a roadmap, light papers, etc.

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▶ Roadmap, light paper, planetary node(Official page)

▶ light paper (official medium)

Genre: PVP Brawler
PVP means: player versus player; Brawler means: “that which brings about clamor” or “that which is noisy”.
Developer: GAMEDIA. platform: WindowsPC / Mac

What kind of game? (Type of game mode)

・Team Death Match
 In this all-out brawl style match, the team with the most kills gets the victory. Create killer destructive combinations with your team, and let the chaos ensure.

 Your team’s goal is to capture as many moving chickens as possible. If you catch more chickens than the other team, you’re the winner, and a Spider Tanks chicken master.

 There is only one flag, and the team who holds it in their possession the longest will be victorious in this match. Quickness must not be underestimated in Capture the Flag.

  Regular Content Update、Esports、Project Sole
  Official “Play and Earn” launch with SILK distribution、Season 1 content update、Pilot Program is launched、
  Project GYRI integration is activated
・2022、Q3、 SEP
  Initial Season 1 content reveal、Sponsored Tournament is announced
・2022、Q3、 AUG
  Launch date, Oct 31, 2022, is announced!、The first Mac Version has been released!、Planetary Node Sale has started!、Planetary Node system is introduced

Light Paper Summary

・NFT (tank body, tank weapon, or a combination of both, hero tank)
・Planetary Nodes
・(Even if you don’t have NFT)
 will earn SILK.

・Own NFTs (tank bodies, tank weapons, and also hero tanks that combine them) and、When you play and win, you
 Victory Points (VP) are earned.
 Twenty wins earn about 90% of a day’s worth of victory points (VP).

・Pilot program allows you to earn victory points (VP) even if you do not have an NFT.

・Map owners earn victory points (VP) when a match is played on their map.

・Planetary node operators earn victory points (VP) when they operate a node.
・Gala founders node operators also receive SILK. gala and GAMEDIA also receive SILK.

SILK is distributed according to victory points (VP).
The distribution ratio of SILK varies and is not constant depending on the accumulated mint and total burn volume of SILK.
The more SILK burns are lost, the closer to zero SILK distribution.

SILK is required to upgrade the Tank Map Planetary Node.
(SILK used for upgrade = SILK used is burn)
Upgrading them makes them stronger and increases their victory points (VP).

SILK production is designed to become scarce over time.

And of course, there are free tanks available for free play, not for the purpose of earning SILK!

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