How to play Spider Tanks. How to earn SILK for free.

This is a basic guide to playing Spider Tanks. Descriptions of each feature and typical playing techniques are also included.


You can turn on/off full screen by pressing “ALT+ENTER”!


I’ll pick out the non-“PLAY” ones, since “PLAY” is easy to understand!



You can try out the game here. There are targets and BOTs for you to practice with!
There is also a built-in garage, so you can change tanks and practice on the spot.
I’m often holed up in this shooting range because I get beat up in real combat.


In order to enjoy the spidertanks more, here are some typical playing techniques.
It is like a foundation that can be applied to various games, so please try to use it. 

What is a “lelele shooting” “placed aim”


The basic principle of play is “always move around and try not to be a target.”
I, um… I know what you mean. When you are shooting at someone, you tend to stop and shoot, don’t you? I’m the same way.

First, I will introduce the “lelele shooting,” which is hitting while moving.
By “shooting while moving,” the goal is to “shoot the opponent without being shot by the opponent.

“lelele shooting” LV.1
“Move and shoot.”

By continuing to move, the goal is to “shoot the opponent without being shot by the opponent, but only by yourself.

“lelele shooting” LV.2
“Move and shoot.”+”He aims precisely at his opponents while moving.”

By continuing to move, the goal is to “shoot the opponent without being shot by the opponent, but only by yourself.
+”More accuracy, more shots at your opponent.”


Next, I’ll introduce you to the “placed aim”.
Just as you are always on the move, they will always be on the move too.
In other words, anticipate your opponent’s movement.
Anticipate the point at which the opponent will flee.
That’s where I’ll aim.

“placed aim” LV.1
“You wait at the point where your opponent is likely to pass, set your aim, and fire.”

The goal is to anticipate the opponent’s movements and “set your aim in advance at the spot where the opponent will move and come at you, and then shower him with maximum firepower.

“placed aim”LV.2
“You aim and fire at the point where your opponent will move next.”

The goal is to anticipate the opponent’s movement and aim to “improve the hit rate by matching the AIM to the point where the opponent will move next.


The other party, like you, will always be in motion.
If you shoot at someone you can see now, the next moment they won’t be there.

So, instead of shooting where the opponent is now, shoot where the opponent will move next.
The key to improving your hit rate is to “anticipate” where your opponent is going to move next, rather than shooting at his current location.


Oh, 、、、、, it’s possible that the definitions of “lele shooting” and “placed aim” may be wrong, tear! Do a Google search for more information.




By default, the

QUALITY, SCREEN, and EFFECTS are set to “Highest Quality,” “Maximum,” and “All On.

If you set this to “lower quality,” “smaller,” and “more off,” then

The burden of the game is lightened and the game runs crisply.

If you find the game too heavy, give it a try!


When viewing the table, please set your mobile phone screen to “landscape” mode.

Default Keyboard & Mouse
Up:WOpen scoreboard:Tab
Left:AOpen menu:ESC
Right:DAll Text Chat:T
Fire weapon/abilityLeft Mouse ButtonTeam Text Chat:Y
Primary Weapon:1Party Text Chat:U
Ability2:3Ping(hold before firing):Left Alt
Default Controller
Horizontal and vertical movement:Left StickOpen scoreboard:Back
Fire weapon/ability:Right TriggerOpen menu:Start
Horizontal and vertical aim:Right Stick
Primary Weapon:D-Pad Up
Ability1:D-Pad LeftReload:X
Ability2:D-Pad RightPing(hold before firing):Left Shouder

Customize the best button placement as you play!



Attention! All values of: Body, Weapon, Abilities, etc. will be changed frequently for game balancing purposes!

When viewing the table, please set your mobile phone screen to “landscape” mode.

pilot program(Earn SILK for free)


Check out “Pilot” and you can borrow the NFT!
With this pilot on, play and win, and you’ll get SILK!

①Select body.

An extremely light body that has sacrificed a lot of health in order to be the fastest on the battlefield.
A medium body that has sacrificed a bit of health for speed. Hovers above the battlefield.
The Tiger is a balanced tank body with average health and speed. It might look cuddly, but don’t get too close!

②Select Weapon.

Gatling GunDamage type:PhysicalReload time:3Projectile speed:22Windup timeRate of fire
ガトリングClip size:35Projectile damage:525Range:220.750.16
Can fire a storm of bullets, but takes a second to warm up and slows you down while firing.
RipperDamage type:PhysicalReload time:1.2Projectile speed:18Projectiles per shot
リッパーClip size:1Projectile damage:1,300Range:203
Rip your enemies apart with projectiles that will split into three after a delay!
Sniper RifleDamage type:PhysicalReload time:2.1Projectile speed:21.06
スナイパーClip size:1Projectile damage:4,000Range:26
Long Distance sniper rifle. Slow to reload, but packs a powerful punch!

③Select abilities. Up to two abilities can be selected.

Artillery TurretEnergy required:7Radius:21Explosion radius:2.5Clip size:1
Projectile damage:1,300Damage per second:666Pojectile speed:18
An Artillery turret that fires on enemies. It also fires over obstacles.
Cannon TurretEnergy required:6Radius:20Clip size:1
Projectile damage:1,300Damage per second:866Pojectile speed:18
A cannon turret that fires on enemies.
Machine Gun TurretEnergy required:7Radius:20Clip size:4
マシンガンタレットLifetime:18Armor:4,240Range:15Reload time:0.2
Projectile damage:420Damage per second:746Pojectile speed:18
A machine gun turret that fires on enemies.
Air StrikeEnergy required:7Projectile damageExplosion radiusRange
Triggers a powerful series of explosions in a line.
Cloak DroneEnergy required:5
Cloaks you from enemies.
DecoyEnergy required:4Range
Sends out a fake version of your tank to distract enemies.
Disguise DroneEnergy required:5
Temporarily disguises you as one of the players on the enemy team.
Grapnel LauncherEnergy required:6RangePojectile speed
Fires a grapnel with a cable connected to your tank. Upon making contact with an enemy, it will prevent them from firing and using abilities and start pulling them towards you. While the grapnel is active, you are also unable to fire and use other abilities.
GrenadeEnergy required:6Projectile damage:7,000Range
手榴弾Explosion radius:3.520
An explosive surprise that can be thrown at your enemies. Explodes after a short delay.
Reactive PlatingEnergy required:6Explosion radius
Hardens your tank, absorbing a portion of incoming damage. After a short while, it will explode, dealing damage to nearby enemies in proportion to the amount of damage that was absorbed.
Relay DroneEnergy required:6Range
A short ranged teleport to a point of choice.
Repair DroneEnergy required:5Radius:7
修理用ドローンLifetime:8Repair rate:525
Follows you around while firing its repair beam at your tank (if it’s damaged) in short intervals. If you are at full health, it will target any close by ally.
Repair ZoneEnergy required:7Radius:5Range
修理ゾーンLifetime:6Repair rate:1,25015
A generator that repairs allies around it over time.
Repulsor ZoneEnergy required:7Radius:9
Pushes enemies away from its center.
Shield DroneEnergy required:6
A temporary shield that blocks incoming damage.
Shield ProjectorEnergy required:6
Creates a temporary shield barrier at a target location which blocks enemies and their projectiles while active.
Smoke CanisterEnergy required:6Radius:6
Can be thrown at a target location. Covers an area in smoke in which both allies and enemies can hide in.
Speed BoosterEnergy required:4Speed boost
Gives a temporary boost in speed.
Stun GrenadeEnergy required:6Explosion radius:4
スタン手榴弾Projectile damage:3,000Range:20
A shocking surprise that can be thrown at your enemies. Explodes after a short delay and stops enemies in their tracks for a few seconds.
Vortex ZoneEnergy required:7Radius:9
Enemies within its area of effect will be pulled towards the center.

④If you have PROP (paid NFT), set it up here.

⑤Select a skin. If there is a paid NFT skin, set it here. Choosing the skin you prefer is a very important choice that will motivate you to fight.

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