SpiderTanks list of Body,Weapon, Abilities, Prop, Skin.

The following is a list of SpiderTanks “Body”, “Weapon”, “Abilities”, “Prop”,and “skin”.

Avalanche、Freezo add

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You can try on all rarities of body, weapon, ability, prop and skin at the “Shooting Range”.
Ancient parts are the best!


7350693 0.2727
Its light weight may sacrifice some health for quickness, but avoiding incoming attacks is often the best trick to victory.
▶Official Medium Articles「Bandit」
A light body that has sacrificed much of its health for speed.
▶Official Medium Articles「Blink」
A light body that has sacrificed much of its health for speed.
▶Official Medium Articles「Alpha Executioner」
A medium body that has sacrificed a bit of its speed for additional health.
An extremely light body that has sacrificed a lot of health in order to be the fastest on the battlefield.
▶Official Medium Articles「Flea」
A medium body that has sacrificed a bit of health for speed. Hovers above the battlefield.
▶Official Medium Articles「Hurricane」
Jacked O’LanternArmorSpeedEnergy/s
A light body that has sacrificed much of its health for speed… and terrifying looks.
▶Official Medium Articles「Jacked O’Lantern」
The Junker is a balanced tank body with average health and speed. Don’t knock it until you try it.
▶Official Medium Articles「Junker」
A medium-heavy body that has sacrificed part of its speed for additional health.
A medium body that values health and speed equally. Just a typical mechanical spider body.
▶Official Medium Articles「Muzzle」
The Nomad is heavier than an average body that has sacrificed part of its speed for additional health.
▶Official Medium Articles「Nomad」
A heavy body that has sacrificed much of its speed for additional health.
A light body that has sacrificed much of its health for speed. The OG king of the jungle!
Santa’s SlayArmorSpeedEnergy/s
サンタズ スレイ95106050.3285
Santa’s Slay may be a bit slower than some, but what it lacks in speed, it makes up for in armor and festive spirit. It also comes with some motivational elves with special animations.
▶Official Medium Articles「Santa’s Slay」
A medium body that has sacrificed some of its speed for additional health.
▶Official Medium Articles「Scorpion」
A medium-light body that has sacrificed part of its health for speed.
▶Official Medium Articles「Scout」
The Shark Body may be a bit slower than some, but what it lacks in speed it makes up for in armor and style. Plus, it comes with some sweet special animation.
▶Official Medium Articles「WhaleShark」
A medium body that has sacrificed a bit of its speed for additional health.
Snoop’s Bumpin’ LowriderArmorSpeedEnergy/s
A medium body that has sacrificed a bit of health for speed. Legends say this tank body belonged to the legendary Snoop Dogg!
▶Official Medium Articles「Snoop’s Bumpin’ Lowrider」
The Tiger is a balanced tank body with average health and speed. It might look cuddly, but don’t get too close!
A massive body that seeks to dominate the battlefield with a huge amount of health.
▶Official Medium Articles「Titan」
A heavy body that has sacrificed much of its speed for additional health.
▶Official Medium Articles「Tortoise」
A heavy body that has sacrificed much of its speed for additional health.


Projectile Weapons

Beat BlasterPhysicalReload time:1.25Projectile speed:18.9Projectiles per shot:3
ビートブラスターClip size:1Projectile damage:750Range:19Rate of fire:0.1
Shoots bursts of sound waves and will push enemies with the force of BASS when they get too close.
Blade SpinnerPhysicalReload time:2.5Projectile speed:33Charge time:1.2
ブレードスピナーClip size:1Projectile damage:2100Range:25
Launches tiny tortoise shields with deadly spinning blades that return to you after firing.
Bouncer GunPhysicalReload time:3.5Projectile speed:18
バウンサー ガンClip size:3Projectile damage:1200Range:20
Fires bullets that bounce off of enemies and get stronger and quicker when they do.
Cannon/キャノンPhysicalReload time:3.2Projectile speed:18
Clip size:3Projectile damage:1450Range:20
Fires basic shells with the capability to fire in bursts.
CrossbowPhysicalReload time:0.9Projectile speed:20.7
クロスボウClip size:1Projectile damage:2400Range:28
Fires large bolts that can pierce through enemies. Gets more powerful by drawing it back further.
EggxecutionerPhysicalReload time:3Projectile speed:17.2Explosion radius:2
卵の処刑人Clip size:3Projectile damage:1250Range:19
Launches eggxplosive projectiles that detonate on impact, or after reaching their maximum range.
▶Official Medium Articles「Alpha Executioner」
FinisherPhysicalReload time:1.9Projectile speed:10Explosion radius:1.5
フィニッシャーClip size:1Projectile damage:2000Range:30
By automatically targeting nearby enemies with explosive drill torpedoes, the Finisher will lock on and do the deadliest work.
Gatling GunPhysicalReload time:3Projectile speed:22Windup time:0.75
ガトリングClip size:35Projectile damage:525Range:22Rate of fire:0.16
Can fire a storm of bullets, but takes a second to warm up and slows you down while firing.
Laser BlasterElementalReload time:2.07Projectile speed17
レーザーブラスターClip size:4Projectile damage:500Range:24
The projectiles in each clip of this weapon get increasingly powerful.
Lava LauncherElementalReload time:2.5Projectile speed:16.2Damage over time duration:1.6
ラヴァ ランチャーClip size:3Projectile damage:900Range:20
Launches balls of lava at enemies. Causes damage on impact, with some additional damage over time.
Railgun/レールガンElementalReload time:1.5Projectile speed:21Charge time:2.5
Clip size:1Projectile damage:6500Range:24
Can charge up a very powerful shot, but has to stop moving in order to do so.
Repair GunElementalReload time:5Projectile speed:20
リペア ガンClip size:6Projectile damage:750Range:19
Fires healing energy at your allies. Can also be used to deal light damage to enemies.
Ripper/リッパーPhysicalReload time:1.2Projectile speed:18Projectiles per shot:3
Clip size:1Projectile damage:1300Range:20
Rip your enemies apart with projectiles that will split into three after a delay!
Shocker/ショッカーElementalReload time:1.2Projectile speed:9.9Effect zone radius:2
Charge time:1.2Projectile damage:1700Range:20Effect zone damage per tick:400
Effect zone tickrate:5
Can charge up a large, slow-moving ball of lightning that damages anything around it. The Shocker’s projectiles have a damaging zone attached to them, which will grow depending on how long you charge the weapon.
ShotgunPhysicalReload time:2Projectile speed:19.8Projectiles per shot:7
ショットガンClip size:2Projectile damage:380Range:13
Fires a spread of bullets over a short distance. Very effective at close range!
Sniper RiflePhysicalReload time:2.1Projectile speed:21.06
スナイパー ライフルClip size:1Projectile damage:4000Range:26
Long Distance sniper rifle. Slow to reload, but packs a powerful punch!
SnowballerElementalReload time:1.5Projectile speed:18Effect zone duration:1
スノーボーラーClip size:2Projectile damage:1500Range:20
Fires snowballs that leave snowy trails, slowing your enemies down and speeding your allies up. Your enemies will be reminded as they perish for whom the jingle bell tolls!
Stinger/スティンガーElementalReload time:1Projectile speed:18Slow on hit duration:1
Clip size:1Projectile damage:Range:18
Launches blobs of acid that slow down and damage other tanks for a short period of time.
Twin GunsPhysicalReload time:3.4Projectile speed:20Projectiles per shot:4
ツインガンClip size:2Projectile damage:625Range:19Rate of fire:0.15
Fires a short burst of bullets. Less damage per bullet, but more chance to hit.

Arced Projectile Weapons

BramblerElementalReload time:1.6Projectile speed:18Effect zone radius:4
ブランブラーClip size:1Projectile damage:1200Range:19Effect zone duration:2
Explosion radius:2.5
Leaves a thorny patch of brambles behind, hurting and slowing any enemy who dares to stay in the area.
Fire ArtilleryElementalReload time:3.9Projectile speed:18Effect zone radius:4
ファイアー砲Clip size:2Projectile damage:1200Range:21Effect zone duration:2
Explosion radius:2.5
Fires an explosive shell in an arc that sets fire to the ground around it.
Repair ArtilleryElementalReload time:1.65Projectile speed:18Effect zone radius:4
修理用大砲Clip size:1Projectile damage:1500Range:19Effect zone duration:2
Explosion radius:2.5
Repair Artillery shells can be fired at your allies to assist them in battle. It’s best to stay behind cover with Repair Artillery, but in a pinch it can also cause light damage to enemy tanks.
Rocket ArtilleryPhysicalReload time:1.95Projectile speed:18Projectiles per shot:6
ロケット砲Clip size:1Projectile damage:630Range:19Rate of fire:0.075
Fires a barrage of explosive rockets in an arc.Explosion radius:2.3

Cone Weapons

BrainstormerElementalReload time:2(Projectile speed)Effect zone duration:5
ブレーンストーマー(Clip size)(Projectile damage)Range:12
This weapon shoots pure brainpower in a cone. Siphon your health to any ally and steal health from any enemy you hit!
FlamethrowerElementalReload time:3(Projectile speed)Effect zone duration:4
火炎放射器(Clip size)(Projectile damage)Range:8
The Flamethrower sprays destructive flames at a wide angle over a short range. Unlike most other weapons, these flames continue causing additional damage to their victims over time.
T-RayElementalReload time:3(Projectile speed)Effect zone duration:6
T-レイ(Clip size)(Projectile damage)Range:22Windup time:1
Shoots a penetrating ray of pure prehistoric anti-matter.

Abilities (you can choose up to two abilities)

Artillery TurretEnergy required:7Radius:21Explosion radius;2.5Clip size:1
Projectile damage:1,300Damage per second:666Projectile speed:18
An Artillery turret that fires on enemies. It also fires over obstacles.
Cannon TurretEnergy required:6Radius:20Clip size:1
Projectile damage:1,300Damage per second:866Projectile speed:18
A cannon turret that fires on enemies.
Machine Gun TurretEnergy required:7Radius:20Clip size:4
マシンガンタレットLifetime:18Armor:4,000Range:15Reload time:0.2
Projectile damage:420Damage per second:746Projectile speed:18
A machine gun turret that fires on enemies.
Air StrikeEnergy required:7Projectile damageExplosion radiusRange
Triggers a powerful series of explosions in a line.
Cloak DroneEnergy required:5
Cloaks you from enemies.
DecoyEnergy required:4Range
Sends out a fake version of your tank to distract enemies.
Disguise DroneEnergy required:5
Temporarily disguises you as one of the players on the enemy team.
Grapnel LauncherEnergy required:6RangeProjectile speed
Fires a grapnel with a cable connected to your tank. Upon making contact with an enemy, it will prevent them from firing and using abilities and start pulling them towards you. While the grapnel is active, you are also unable to fire and use other abilities.
GrenadeEnergy required:6Projectile damage:7,000Range
手榴弾Explosion radius:3.520
An explosive surprise that can be thrown at your enemies. Explodes after a short delay.
Reactive PlatingEnergy required:6Explosion radius
Hardens your tank, absorbing a portion of incoming damage. After a short while, it will explode, dealing damage to nearby enemies in proportion to the amount of damage that was absorbed.
Relay DroneEnergy required:6Range
A short ranged teleport to a point of choice.
Repair DroneEnergy required:5Radius:7
修理用ドローンLifetime:8Repair rate:525
Follows you around while firing its repair beam at your tank (if it’s damaged) in short intervals. If you are at full health, it will target any close by ally.
Repair ZoneEnergy required:7Radius:5Range
修理ゾーンLifetime:6Repair rate:1,25015
A generator that repairs allies around it over time.
Repulsor ZoneEnergy required:7Radius:9
Pushes enemies away from its center.
Shield DroneEnergy required:6Armor : 7,000
シールドドローンLifetime:3Range : 20
A temporary shield that blocks incoming damage.
Shield ProjectorEnergy required:6
Creates a temporary shield barrier at a target location which blocks enemies and their projectiles while active.
Smoke CanisterEnergy required:6Radius:6
Can be thrown at a target location. Covers an area in smoke in which both allies and enemies can hide in.
Speed BoosterEnergy required:4Speed boost
Gives a temporary boost in speed.
Stun GrenadeEnergy required:6Explosion radius:4
A shocking surprise that can be thrown at your enemies. Explodes after a short delay and stops enemies in their tracks for a few seconds.
Vortex ZoneEnergy required:7Radius:9
Enemies within its area of effect will be pulled towards the center.


ANTLERSElemental damage : +5%
アントラーズThese natural antlers can be worn as a beautiful crown!
BEANIEHealth : +1%
ビーニーSpeed : +2%
Physical resistance : +2%
A pracical,comfortable,and warm piece of headware.
BERETHealth : +1%
ベレットEnergy gain: +2%
Physical resistance : +2%
Such sophistication!
BOOMBOXEnergy gain: +2.5%
ブームボックスRepairing done : +2.5%
Beware of the beat!
BOWRepairing done : +2.5%
バウElemental resistance : +2.5%
A touch of cutenss amidst all the aggression.
BOWLER HATHealth : +1%
ボウラーハットEnergy gain: +2.5%
Physical resistance : +1.5%
Are you going for villain,or British upper class?
BULL HORNSPhysical damage : +5%
ブル ホーンThis one is great to scare off your enemies!
BUNNY EARSSpeed : +5%
バニー イヤーCute,fluffy ears that might even improve your hearing stat.
CAPTAIN’S HATHealth : +1%
キャプテン ハットSpeed : +1%
Energy gain: +1%
Physical resistance : +1%
Elemental damage : +1%
All hands on deck!
CAT EARSSpeed : +3%
キャット イヤーElemental resistance : +1%
Physical resistance: +1%
Mislead enemies with such a cute look!
CHEESEHealth : +2%
チーズEnergy gain: +3%
Don’t you think it’s a little too cheesy?
CINEMA SIGNEnergy gain: +5%
シネマ サインLet’s everyone know where you are.
COWBOY HATHealth : +1%
カウボーイ ハットSpeed : +1%
Energy gain: +1%
Physical resistance: +1%
Physical damage : +1%
Is this you first rodeo?
CROWNElemental resistance : +2%
クラウンElemental damage : +3%
Crown yourself a winner before the fight even starts!
DIAMONDRepairing done : +3%
ダイアモンドPhysical resistance : +1%
Elemental damage : +1%
A perfect choise for anyone looking for some extra bling!
DUAL KATANASpeed : +2.5%
デュアル カタナRepairing done : +2.5%
These days,spider tanks wear katanas more for fashion than for function.
エマージェンシー ライトRepairing done : +2.5%
Let everyone know that help is on the way!
FEZHealth : +1%
Energy gain : +1.5%
Elemental damage : +2.5%
A bold choise to wear such colors in battle!
フィッシャーマンズ ハットEnergy gain : +2%
Elemental resistance : +2%
Now all you need is some bait……
FRIED EGG PANHealth : +2%
フライド エッグ パンPhysical resistance : +3%
Who doesn’t like a snack in between fights?
GANGSTER HATHealth : +1%
ギャングスタ ハットElemental resistance : +2%
Physical resistance : +2%
Show them a hat they can’t refuse……
GATHealth : +1%
Energy gain : +1%
Elemental resistance : +1%
Physical resistance : +1%
Physical damage : +1%
Oh my Gat!
グランデュエーション ハットEnergy gain : +2%
Elemental resistance : +1%
Physical resistance : +1%
Outsmart your opponents with this graduation hat!
HALORepairing done : +5%
ハロProper headwear for the true gods and legends.
KIS’S CAPHealth : +1%
キッズ キャップSpeed : +3%
Energy gain : +1%
A fun,cheeky,childish hat to let enemies underestimate you!
PIRATE HATHealth : +1%
パイレーツ ハットSpeed : +1%
Energy gain : +1%
Elemental resistance : +1%
Physical damage : +1%
It’s high time for a mutiny!
POLICE LIGHTSpeed : +2.5%
ポリス ライトPhysical resistance : +1%
Physical damage : +1.5%
Time to catch some bad guys!
PRESENTEnergy gain : +3%
プレゼントElemental resistance : +1%
Elemental damage : +1%
Luckily it’s not very fragile.
ROBIN’S HATHealth : +1%
ロビン ハットEnergy gain : +2%
Physical damage : +2%
A hat that has”accuracy”written all over it.
ROMAN PLUMEHealth : +1%
ロマン プルームPhysical resistance : +2%
Physical damage : +2%
For legionnaires with style!
RUBBER DUCKElemental resistance : +2%
ラバーダックElemental damage : +3%
It is nice have a true friend in battle!
セントパトリック ハットEnergy gain : +3%
Physical resistance : +1%
A hat for those who want some extra luck!
SLICE OF CAKEHealth : +2%
スライスオブ ケイクEnergy gain : +2%
Repairing done : +1%
I can almost taste the sweet victory.
SNELTOETSSpeed : +3.5%
スネルトーツPhysical damage : +1.5%
Clicky clicky clicky clicky clicky!
SOLDIER’S HELMETHealth : +2.5%
ソルジャー ヘルメットPhysical resistance : +2.5%
This hat is meant for the real teamplayers!
SPACE HELMETHealth : +2.5%
スペース ヘルメットElemental resistance : +2.5%
Step one of turning your tank into a spacecraft!
SPIDERElemental resistance : +1%
スパイダーElemental damage : +4%
A little friend to help you scare off bad guys.
SPOILERSpeed : +4%
スポイラーEnergy gain : +1%
Movements seem to be faster,maybe they are….
スチームパンク ハットPhysical resistance : +2%
Physical damage : +2%
Displays a sense of class and a love for engineering.
TAXI SIGNSpeed : +3%
タクシー サインEnergy gain : +2%
Let others know that they aren’t the only ones on the road!
TOP HATHealth : +1%
トップ ハットEnergy gain : +2%
Physical resistance : +1%
Physical damage : +1%
Inpressive headwear for classy players!
TRAFFIC CONEEnergy gain : +1%
トラフィック コーンElemental resistance : +2%
Physical resistance : +2%
With this cone you will make sure that there are no more traffic jams!
TREEHealth : +1%
ツリーElemental resistance : +2%
Elemental damage : +2%
If you stand really still,no one will notice you!
UMBRELLElemental resistance : +5%
アンブレラIt’s great to protect you from the rain,but bullets?
VIKING HELMETHealth : +2.5%
バイキング ヘルメットPhysical damage : +2.5%
An imposing horned helmet.
UncommonHealth : +3%
PINK RIBBONElemental resistance : +2%
ピンク リボンPhysical resistance : +2%
Pink Power!


UncommonSpeed : +1%
NOXIOUSRepairing done : +2%
ノクシアスElemental damage : +2%
Blessed by green hex.
UncommonHealth : +2%
PINK POWER!Elemental resistance : +1%
ピンク パワー!Physical resistance : +2%
The proud colors of a hero spreading awareness in support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation(NBCF)!
Learn more at nationalbreastcancer.org
UncommonSpeed : +2%
SOONElemental resistance : +1%
スーンPhysical damage : +2%
RareHealth : +2.5%
AvalancheSpeed : +2.5%
アバランチElemental resistance : +2.5%
Elemental damage : +2.5%
The peak of style.
RareHealth : +2.5%
BASILIKRepairing done : +2.5%
バシリクElemental resistance : +2.5%
Physical resistance : +2.5%
A real gem!
RareHealth : +2.5%
GRIDLOCKElemental resistance : +2.5%
グリッドロックPhysical resistance : +2.5%
Physical damage : +2.5%
Cursed by dark hex.
RareSpeed : +3%
THOONElemental resistance : +2%
スーンPhysical resistance : +2%
Physical damage : +3%
EpicSpeed : +5%
FreezoElemental resistance : +2.5%
フリーゾPhysical resistance : +2.5%
Elemental damage : +2.5%
Physical damage : +2.5%
This isn’t even its final form!
EpicHealth : +2.5%
ARCANEEnergy gain : +2.5%
アーケインElemental resistance : +5%
Elemental damage : +5%
It’s some kind of magic.
EpicHealth : +2%
ガラバース マルタ
Elemental resistance : +5%
Physical resistance : +5%
A special skin only garanted to those i attendance of Galaverse Malta 2022.
EpicHealth : +2.5%
NEXUSSpeed : +2.5%
ネクサスEnergy gain : +2.5%
Elemental resistance : +2.5%
Physical damage : +5%
He’s beginning to believe!
EpicSpeed : +4%
WENEnergy gain: +1%
ウェンElemental resistance : +3%
Physical resistance : +3%
Physical damage : +4%
LegendarySpeed : +2.5%
OVERLOADEnergy gain : +5%
オーバーロードElemental resistance : +5%
Physical resistance : +2.5%
Elemental damage : +5%
Bursting with energy.
AncientHealth : +5%
GOLDSpeed : +5%
ゴールドEnergy gain : +5%
Elemental resistance : +7.5%
Physical resistance : +7.5%
Elemental damage : +5%
Elemental damage : +5%
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